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The Shoe City Kids concept has been created as an extention of the Shoe City Comfort format. Having first started as a stand alone children’s comfort footwear shop in Istanbul, it now continues its new life as a department inside the Shoe City Comfort store/İstanbul. Sales team of the children’s department has been trained by our Certified Shoe Fitter to give a full shoe fitting service. With this special training, the feet of the children are measured and the best fitting shoe is selected thorough various checking procedures. A good selection of children’s comfort brands such as Clarks, Superfit, Merrell, Keen, Ortopedia etc. are offered to the customers.

Most of the foot problems faced by adults can be associated with ill-fitting shoes worn in childhood or teenage years. This constitutes an opportunity for us to be able to prevent foot problems by helping parents choose the right shoes for their kids.

Babies’ feet are like jelly. Each shoe can have an effect on the feet’s development. ‘First shoe’ selection is especially important. Our aim at Shoe City Kids, is to educate parents about the stages of development of their children’s feet and how to choose the right style depending on this stage of development.

Another complicating point is that children’s feet grow continuously. We need to consider the feet at their current stage but also the possible growth in the near future. Periodical measuring of the feet and checking the fitting of the current shoes is crucial. Shoe City Kids offers both foot measuring and shoe assessment services to the families.