Imagine a pair of high heeled shoes, with such a soft footbed, you can walk in them for hours!

Imagine a pair of ballerinas, as comfortable as trainers…

Imagine knee high boots with different calf widths: you can choose the one perfect for your legs!

Gabor, as an expert in footwear comfort technologies, has been offering ladies comfort & fashion beyond expectations since 1949. The Germen brand develops collections in three different widths: Standard, Wide (G) and Extra-Wide (H). Sizes range from 2.5 (35) to 9.5 (44) including half sizes. Knee high boots are offered in different calf widths: S, M, L, XL, XXL… The aim is to enable a perfect fit and maximum comfort without comprimising fashion.

Gabor is represented in Turkey by Cilingiroglu and is offered to customers in more than 20 selected sales points. 4 shop in shop installations are also in operation in the country, where a wide range of the brand is exhibited.

Gabor Comfort Features

    Removable Inner Sole
    Air Cushioned Sole
OPTIFIT Removable Inner Sole

Removable inner soles are available from Gabor in two varieties: Particularly light and comfortable in leather or made of high-tech material with the Ultra Flex Air System. The Ultra Flex Air System features air ducts providing regulated ventilation and a fresh climate for the foot. Some models feature the Shock Point, an additional cushioning element at the heels for singularly joint-friendly walk. Removable inner soles can be removed for airing and washing. They are particularly beneficial for those using orthopaedic supports, as the existing inner sole can simply be replaced by the support. Thus, shoes will not be too narrow when using orthopaedic supports.

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Comfort – Extra Comfort With Width G-H : Extra space in shoes

With the ‘comfort’ line of products, Gabor offers shoes in widths G (extra width) and H (comfortable extra width). This means that these shoes have extra volume in the toes, ball and instep areas and provide any foot with the room it needs.

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BEST FITTING : Freedom for your feet & innovation for your comfort

Little change, big impact: The insole of the Best-Fitting-Model has been broadened so that the ball-area of the foot gains more step surface. The effect? Even more comfort.

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HOVERCRAFT : It feels like walking on air.

Thanks to the new air cushioned sole, walking in trendy Gabor Shoes becomes even more convenient: A soft bedding of air chambers cushions each step perfectly. The most beautiful way of healthy movement. Soft breathable leathers combined with shock absorbing, cushoning foam stabilises and supports the foot.

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2.5 (35) to size 9.5 (44) including half sizes. To see the collection and to shop online please visit


No woman is like any other. Each leg is shaped differently. Gabor boots offer perfect wearing comfort for every leg. Calves ranging from XS to XXL make sure each woman finds her ideal boot.


The Rollingsoft series by Gabor introduces a new way of moving. With a lateral mid foot stabiliser it enables a controlled rolling movement reducing shock in forefoot and heel areas. Enabling long hours of comfortable walking experience, Rollingsoft products enhance good posture and less pressure on the back. The colllection offers many different styles from closed shoes to sandals.

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