Children’s Shoe Advisory

All feet are different. Every child should be individually fitted with shoes. Even before they walk, babies’ feet need protection and support, and at each stage of their development, they have different needs. Children’s feet grow at a very rapid rate. At birth and in the first few years, the feet are very sensitive. Similar to jelly, these little feet which have not fully developed, can grow unnaturally. Ill-fitting footwear, can lead to many foot and body problems in the future. Therefore, the selection of first shoes should be done professionally by trained sales staff that are experienced in measuring and fitting children’s feet with the correct shoes.

Because of the growth rate of their feet, children can easily outgrow their shoes without the parents’ notice. This can significantly damage the little sensitive feet. You can visit Shoe City shops every 3 months for a free measuring of the feet and checking the fit of the current shoes.

Children require different types of shoes at different stages of their growth. Let’s have a brief look at these stages…

Pre-crawling Stage

The healthiest choice for little babies’ soft & sensitive feet, before they even start crawling, is barefoot. Natural growth should be allowed. In this stage for protection and warming, comfortable, not-too tight socks and sock like soft-soled baby shoes from natural materials to keep the feet fresh and dry should be preferred.

Crawling and pulling up

As children start to move and crawl, their feet need more protection. They can not tell when their feet are constricted so the selected products should have enough growth room. The shoe should fit the foot well, should have a well gripping sole, should be lightweight and flexible. Babies’ feet are different from adults’ feet, so appropriate products and brands should be selected. The front of the shoe should be wide and round for the comfort of the little toes. Breathable natural materials are important. Babies should be kept barefoot when possible.

First Steps

The time has come for the first shoe, when your child is ready to walk alone, without assistance. The little feet need more protection and support. Properly fitting shoes is important for the balance of the body too. Shoes should be fitted by professional and trained fitters. Lightweight, flexible shoes, made of natural leathers with well gripping soles are ideal. Barefoot or socks are still the best choice at home for natural growth of the little feet.


As children grow, go out more and move more, the feet are still not fully developed and still very sensitive. Even little constrictions can bring unnatural growth and can damage the feet. The right fit is very important. Periodical measurements of the feet and checking the fit of the current shoes are very important. Sufficent growth room should be allowed in the shoes. If possible, try to rotate the shoes not to wear the same shoe for long periods of time.


For little feet which are still growing and which will stay in the same shoe all day, natural breathing materials are crucial. The shoe shuld have enough growth room. Selection should be made after the measuing of both feet by trained shoe fitters. Nonskidding flexible soles, adjustable fastenings for easy wear, supportive ankles are important.