Do you have a bunion? Or do your feet hurt? Have you ever wondered if your shoes might be causing the footpain?


It is difficult selecting the right shoe. Decisions made without determining your foot type might cause long term foot problems. Especially choosing challenging styles such as heeled shoes or balleria shoes requires knowing your feet well. This can only be done by foot measurement and digital foot scanning.

Wide feet need wider fitting shoes.

Wider feet can not be comfortable in standard fitting shoes, wider alternatives should be selected. Small or tight fitting shoes can hurt and damage the feet. German comfort brand Gabor offers G (wide) and H (extra-wide) fitting shoes for wider feet. The brand also manufactures different calf widths in knee-high boots for different leg types; from small to XXL.

COMFORT TECHNOLOGIES to prevent foot problems

Make sure the shoes you wear use comfort technologies which are good for your feet not only at the moment but in the future too. The most important feature and function of a good shoe should be absorption of the shock from the floor in order to protect the knees and back. Cushioning technologies both in the footbed and the outer sole are necessary. Quality of the footbed, its anatomic feature, shock absorption at the heel are also crucial technologies.

Does this shoe fit well? Have it checked by a trained fitter...

When you try on a pair of shoes, the most important thing is having it checked by a trained fitter so that you can be sure that it’s a perfect fit both in length and in width. Is the shoe right for that particular foot type? These are all very important and difficult considerations. Each foot is different… Sales teams at Shoe City Comfort stores offer customers full fitting services which include measuring of both feet as well as digital scanning. After a full analysis of the feet, trained fitters check the fitting of the shoe to find the best fitting pair.

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